Create a Simple Custom Launcher from Scratch

Create a Simple Custom Launcher from Scratch

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When you are starting your journey into any sort of development, it’s never easy at the beginning. Perhaps the best way to learn something new is by doing, and in the context of coding, this involves using some code samples and modifying them to gain experience. After you’ve become familiar with this for long enough, you can then make your own project from scratch. The same applies to Android applications—and not only the most basic ones. If you are looking for a good source of resources to enhance your knowledge, XDA is the perfect place for you!

If you ever dreamed about making your own application, a simple application launcher might be a good place to start. While you may be thinking that making a simple app drawer is a piece of cake, you are probably wrong. Luckily, a handy video tutorial has been created by XDA Senior Member sylsau, who recorded the entire process of his sample launcher development. If you have Eclipse with the ADT Plugin installed, you can consider yourself ready to develop your first application. The video tutorial is almost half an hour long and guides your from the very beginning to the final APK compilation. Of course, if you want to create something more advanced, you should look for some courses and books.

Development is long and difficult process. But if your application is good, the concept is original, and your coding is sound, your project will likely be successful. After a few good projects, you can even find a full time job as a programmer, but everyone needs to start somewhere.

You can find the video tutorial by visiting the How to create your own custom launcher forum thread. Don’t wait; start your journey today!