Creative Ways to Use a VPN in 2019

Creative Ways to Use a VPN in 2019

Using a VPN is an essential tool to anyone who values online privacy and anonymity. In a world where internet freedom and privacy are shrinking by the day, VPNs are more popular than ever. The way we use VPNs has changed over time, as the internet evolves along with the online services that are available. Here are some creative ways to use a VPN in 2019.

Evade IP Bans

When you find yourself banned from any particular online service, they might banned your account. A typical way to get around this is to make a new account and rejoin the service with your new username. Newer services like Twitch, Discord and other major social platforms, will ban users IP addresses to avoid duplicate accounts being made. When this ban method is used, you wont be able to sign up with a new account on the same IP.

When you use a VPN with with the ability to switch to another server easily, you can just grab a new server and make a new account under a new IP address. These platforms will not be able to detect that the account is evading a ban. NordVPN is a good solution for anyone that needs a large amount of servers. With over 5,600 servers in 60+ countries, it’s easy to hop on another connection to avoid an IP ban. VPNRanks has a full review of NordVPN here.

Bypass Geographical Restrictions

Some of your favorite content might not be available in other countries. While this might not be an issue for you now, it will be when you’re traveling. Many governments around the world have a heavily censored version of the internet. This most commonly affects websites like Netflix and YouTube, as video content tends to be the most censored. If you want to be able to watch your favorite shows uncensored, a VPN can enable this by routing your traffic through a server from your home country.

By using a VPN, you’ll be able to bypass any geographical restrictions and get full access to your content. Most VPNs will have information about how many servers they have that work with Netflix and other streaming websites. Compare some of the best servers with this review of the top seven best VPN services from VPNRanks.

Hide Your IP Address

There will be plenty of times when you’re using a service online and you simply don’t want a person on the other end knowing your IP. Whens someone gets your IP address, they can trace it to your general location and see your internet provider. More malicious people can launch a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack which can disrupt your internet service. Either way, there are many legitimate reasons you’d want to hide your IP address from someone.

There are many ways someone could go about getting your IP. Every time you send an email, your IP is encoded in that email header and can be accessed by the receiver. Your IP can be visible on game servers, chat applications, VoIP calls and more. You never know what is leaking your IP, so it’s best to keep it hidden at all times.

When you use a VPN, your IP address is masked with one from another server. Since all of your internet traffic is routed through a server, that is the IP address that will show up for all of your internet activity.

These are just a few of some of the more creative ways people are using VPNs in 2019. If you haven’t been using a VPN, it might be time to start taking your online anonymity a little more seriously.

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