Current Trends in Retail and Culture, and How new Technology can help Merchants Grow Business

Current Trends in Retail and Culture, and How new Technology can help Merchants Grow Business

Livestreaming has become a cultural staple among youth and internet users of all kinds. If you’re an Instagram or TikTok user, you will have seen videos and livestreams used to push products to potential customers. These types of sales techniques are wildly successful. Many companies rely exclusively on their sales through video and livestreamed content.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are shopping from home than ever. This has caused a massive explosion in online retail. E-commerce is seeing a large spike in demand as users and developers drive the marketplace to expand and innovate. As more people shop online, the opportunities for e-commerce have grown quite a bit. Huawei is addressing the new demand with its new Live E-commerce solutions.


In the past, livestreamed sales events needed multiple people, large spaces, lots of equipment, and could be quite expensive at times. Huawei aims to make the process easier and more affordable with their Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) kits. These kits allow anyone to stream and sell products directly from their phone. As long as you have a smartphone, the rest of the process can be done virtually. This opens up the new live e-commerce industry to everyone.

Even those who do have access to all of the equipment needed for a successful online retail stream, the current world of social distancing prevents a large group of people from working closely together. If this is the case for you, Huawei’s new Live E-commerce kits could be the perfect solution.

Stream with live comments from your viewers

Stream with a minimal setup

The new e-commerce solution is designed to help merchants boost their traffic while lowering costs. Live streaming brings new opportunities driven by e-commerce transformation. Online retailers will be able to easily implement this solution, which is based on HMS to enhance live commerce capabilities.

Live E-commerce features will include:

Next-gen Live Studio

  • Easy Controls
  • Detailed info display
  • Fluid streaming
  • Digital backdrops

Versatile Mobile Phone Shooting

  • Ultra-portable
  • Highly-accessible
  • Wider shooting angle

Real-Time Backdrops

  • Digital backdrops replacements
  • Immersive live sales

In-Depth Look at Products

  • Internal product display
  • Visual product specs
  • Simplified AR materials development

Fluid Streaming Experience

  • Buttery smooth streaming
  • Prevents sudden disconnections

To learn more about Huawei’s new Live E-commerce solutions, be sure to check out their official launch on the upcoming Huawei Developer Webinar #HDD.

Huawei Developer Webinar

The Huawei Developer Webinar | Connect LIVEs with E-commerce

August 6th, 2020

For developers that host their apps on Huawei AppGallery, they’ll have access to additional resources like splash screens, banners, featured pages, promotional campaigns, and more. These are just some of the ways that Huawei helps you market and grow your app. With Live E-commerce, your opportunity to grow your business is better than ever.

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