Create a custom accent color on your rooted Android 9 Pie or Android 10 device

Create a custom accent color on your rooted Android 9 Pie or Android 10 device

Android 10 introduced its own built-in theming option, allowing interested users a way to customize their device to a small extent. While Pixel users get easier access to theming solutions through the Pixel Themes app, other AOSP-based Android 10 users can access some theming features through Developer Options in the Settings menu. These basic theming features include the option to pick a pre-defined accent color, but there are only a handful of options. If you are looking to expand beyond the accent color options provided by default, Accent Color Creator allows rooted users to define their own custom accent color.


Accent Color Creator by XDA Senior Member Akilesh_15 lets you create your own custom accent color. In Android 10, Google created multiple runtime resource overlays (RROs) that replaces (“overlays”) some of the resource values of the Android framework. Each accent color thus has its own RRO APK that replaces the resources of the Android framework with resources from the RRO APK. Accent Color Creator works by building new RRO APKs wherein the user has the ability to define a custom accent color. This APK is then packaged into a Magisk Module to allow for a systemless installation.

The app boasts of the following features:

  • You can select colors from your wallpaper, presets in the app or set your own custom color.
  • Multiple accents can be created.
  • Enable/disable accents.
  • Swipe left to remove created accents.

The developer notes that the app requires Android 9 and above, but it could possibly work on Android 8 Oreo as well — though this is untested. The app and its features are also untested on OEM skins like OxygenOS, OneUI, MIUI, and others, but it should work on AOSP-based custom ROMs presuming they haven’t implemented a custom accent color picker already. Do note that uninstalling the app will not revert the custom accent color — you will have to remove the module created by the app, residing at /data/adb/modules/, using TWRP or adb shell with root. The app is also open source.

Accent Color Creator — XDA Discussion Thread

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