Custom AOSP Project Treble GSI gets updated with June 2020 security patches, Netflix HD support for the Xiaomi Mi 9 and Redmi Note 9S, and more

Custom AOSP Project Treble GSI gets updated with June 2020 security patches, Netflix HD support for the Xiaomi Mi 9 and Redmi Note 9S, and more

Thanks to Project Treble, Android users can easily boot an AOSP Generic System Image (GSI) onto any supported device. Be it Xiaomi’s MIUI or Samsung’s One UI, those heavily customized OEM skins can even be replaced with community developed GSIs in favor of a close-to-stock Android experience. While you should be able to boot Google’s AOSP GSI onto any Project Treble-supported device, you’ll be missing out on many features that lend to a proper day-to-day experience. That’s where XDA Recognized Developer phhusson‘s custom GSI comes in. He incorporates many bug fixes and feature additions that aren’t available in Google’s GSI in order to make them actually usable on a day-to-day basis. The developer has now refreshed his custom Project Treble GSI project with the latest June 2020 security patches and a number of new device-specific patches.


Quack Phh-Treble — XDA Thread

Since our last article, phhusson has published an intermediate test build (v217) before today’s release (v218). The optical under-display fingerprint scanner on various Samsung devices such as the Galaxy A51 should work properly from now on. Moreover, there is a new option to correctly expose the auxiliary camera sensors on Samsung smartphones. Users can now remove the telephony service on Wi-Fi only devices. Owners of the Xiaomi Mi 9 and the Redmi Note 9S/Note 9 Pro should be happy to know that the updated GSIs no longer break Netflix HD streaming.

The cumulative changelog can be found below:

  • June security patch
  • Treble Settings’ securize option now works on Magisk
  • Add “disable A2DP offload” workaround in Treble Settings
  • Add double-tap-to-wake for Vsmart devices
  • Enable Netflix HD on Xiaomi Mi 9 and Redmi Note 9S (probably requires Securize)
  • Fix missing navigation gestures in gapps variant
  • Include talkback in gapps variant
  • Fix exfat on some Q vendors
  • Enable Xiaomi options on Redmi devices (Redmi Note 9S)
  • Fix Bluetooth on Redmi Note 9S, fingerprint-as-enter, and broken audio
  • Re-enable Gapps on 32bits targets
  • Enable Android Go gapps on all targets
  • Fix optical under-display fingerprint on Samsung devices (Galaxy A51, Galaxy A50, …)
  • Add an option to expose all cameras on Samsung devices
  • Improve under-display fingerprint for Xiaomi devices running MIUI 12 vendor
  • Add an option to remove telephony service for WiFi-only devices
  • Add a workaround in Treble Settings for a bug on some devices where video recording is broken after some uptime

Download Quack Phh-Treble v218

In case you need help choosing the correct package for your device, install the Treble Info app linked below. Users are suggested to take a complete off-device backup before installing the custom AOSP GSI as the flashing process will require you to factory reset your device.

Treble Info
Developer: Hackintosh Five
Price: Free

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