Custom AOSP Project Treble GSIs get updated with the latest March security patches and sound fixes for Motorola devices

Custom AOSP Project Treble GSIs get updated with the latest March security patches and sound fixes for Motorola devices

Project Treble has been one of the best things to happen to Android in quite some time. Treble separates the vendor implementation from the main Android framework and system, allowing OEMs to update devices quicker and with lesser dependence on driver updates from silicon manufacturers. This should allow for quicker updates as well as for, hopefully, longer update cycles. Project Treble also enables the installation and use of what is called a Generic System Image— a single system image that can work across a really wide variety of Treble-compatible Android devices. Project Treble and GSI’s have revitalized custom ROM development, and the effort is being led by developers like XDA Recognized Developer phhusson.


Phhusson’s custom AOSP Project Treble GSI has now been updated with the latest March 2019 security patches as well as a whole host of other fixes. The goal of the GSI/ROM is to provide maximum hardware compatibility within the GSI, allowing porters to have a much easier time using this on newer devices. The base can then be used to add on software features and other device specific fixes.

Changelog for v111 released on March 6, 2019 is as below:

  • March Android security patch
  • Fix MT6739 incoming SMS and mobile data connection
  • Fix audio glitches on sakura
  • Added overlay for:
    • Asus Zenfone L1
    • Lenovo S5
    • HTC U12+
  • Fix low brightness issue on Realme 2 Pro (Thanks @SamarV-121)
  • Fix sound on Motorola james, pettyl, evert, jeter, aljeter
  • Fix device will boot only few times on A/B devices running Pie vendor
  • Fix boot on some Moto devices running Pie vendor
  • Refix in-call mute on Huawei devices
  • Disable fingerprint as a key on Xiaomi sakura
  • Fix some graphical glitches on some low-end Snapdragon devices

You can install this GSI on Project Treble-enabled devices using our flashing guide.

Forum Link: Phh-Treble Custom AOSP GSI

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