Adapticons Brings Android O’s Adaptive Icons to Android 5.0+

Adapticons Brings Android O’s Adaptive Icons to Android 5.0+

When Google announced Android O, they talked about a feature that will help bring uniformity to the icons on your smartphone or tablet. They’re calling it Adaptive Icons and it’s similar to what we’ve seen from multiple OEM skins in the past. Some like this feature of using icon masking to make their application icons look similar, but others dislike it and disable it immediately if they can. Now a new application called Adapticons brings this type of functionality to Android 5.0+ devices. With this application, you can set custom icons for your home screen based on a lot of different styles.


As with the other features coming in Android O, Adaptive Icons will be limited to the devices which are running the new update. Hence, bringing this feature to Android 5.0+ devices is a major benefit to the Adapticons application. The developer does warn that Android O support for this application is possible, but it’s not as simple as older versions of Android. Thankfully, the developer has thought of it and offers Android O users 3 different ways to set custom icons that they pick.

You may be thinking this application is similar to another popular solution to this problem, Materialize, and that is true. The two applications do share similarities but this developer added their own twist to the approach. To begin, you’ll open up the Adapticons application and be presented with a list of applications and games you have installed on your device. Tap on an application and choose between 3 different icon shapes (although many more are available behind an in-app purchase).

You can then manually adjust the size and position of the icon itself while also having the ability to adjust the size and rotation of the icon mask itself. You can pick out a color for the icon mask, change the icon, set a custom title under it, or make it grayscale. Unlocking the full application with the in-app purchase (of $1) also adds support for icon packs, importing icons from the gallery, removes ads, and lets you customize multiple icons at the same time.

Developer: Damian Piwowarski
Price: Free

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