Customise MaxSense Even Further

Customise MaxSense Even Further

The release of maxycy’s new Manila mod, MaxSense, has been received very positively by the XDA community; and for good reason. The mod brings a much enhanced and improved user interface to HTC Sense for Windows Mobile, allowing you to access your most-used controls and programs from the home screen without the fuss of Start Menus or Comm Managers.

Additionally, one of the other features this modification brings is very high customisability with regard to the positioning and style of buttons found on the home tab. To make this clearer to users, XDA member bignadad has created – and recently updated – an extensive library of stylistic possibilities, despite MaxSense’s recent release.

Included in bignadad’s designs are new widget backgrounds, clock fonts and taskbar icons. They are all available in the first two posts of the official MaxSense mod thread.

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