Customizable Google Search Bar Rolling Out to Users with Google App 7.14.15

Customizable Google Search Bar Rolling Out to Users with Google App 7.14.15

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We’re starting to see a shift in how Google designs a number of its mobile applications lately. With hidden settings in Chrome for Android, you can have the address bar at the bottom of the screen for easier access when using the device with one hand. The new Pixel launcher on the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL has moved the search bar to the bottom as well, right under the dock, and a new update to the Google App beta program shows we’ll be able to customize it as well.

One of Android’s strengths has always been the ability to customize the various elements that make up the OS. Especially as the platform has matured, we’re now able to change more parts of the operating system without even needing root access and that enables people to personalize their device more than ever and with ease. A recent teardown of the Google application showed that we would soon be able to customize the persistent search bar that is placed by default on most people’s home screen.

This is something that has been possible in various ways with custom launchers, and now those who using the stock launcher for their phone will be able to as well. The new update to the Google application beta program brings its version up to 7.14.15 and it comes with a 3-dot menu icon that when tapped, will bring up an option that allows you to customize it. As of this version, we can change the logo type (full or a simple G), the shape of the bar (semi-rectangle, rounded rectangle, and stadium shape), and the color.

Download available here

The color change option allows you to pick from three different defaults (white and multi-color, black and white, inverted) and there’s also a color-picker so you can choose what you like most.

Via: Android Police