Customize Active Edge on the Google Pixel 3 with Edge Sense Plus

Customize Active Edge on the Google Pixel 3 with Edge Sense Plus

Earlier this year we highlighted an application called Edge Sense Plus from XDA Recognized Developer j to the 4n. The app allowed you to customize the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL active edge feature. Active Edge was influenced by HTC’s Edge Sense feature, but HTC lets you do all sorts of customization options with their feature. Google continues to lock this down on the Pixel 3, only allowing you to activate Google Assistant or to silence alarms, notifications, and incoming phone calls.

This is where Edge Sense Plus comes into play. However, for it to work on the Pixel 3 you need to unlock the bootloader and gain root access with Magisk. Thankfully, we have a guide that will walk you through that entire process right here. With that done, download and activate the Magisk Module linked below and you’ll see the application appear on your device. There are a lot of options to choose from including setting triggers for regular squeezes, a long squeeze, and a double squeeze. Go forth and customize your Pixel 3!

Edge Sense Plus
Developer: j to the 4n
Price: Free+

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