How to Fine-tune Google Pixel 2’s Active Edge Squeeze Sensitivity

How to Fine-tune Google Pixel 2’s Active Edge Squeeze Sensitivity

The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have launched with some cool features such as the Active Edge which lets you squeeze the bottom half of the device’s frame to launch Google Assistant or silence incoming calls. We also found out how to remap it to do anything you want with it. But what may annoy some users is the lack of fine-tuning the squeeze sensitivity. Although there are 9 squeeze sensitivity steps in settings, some users may wish to be more precise in the sensitivity that they want. There may not be a sweet spot for some users from the default options for the squeeze sensitivity.

Google Pixel 2 Active Edge Options

As can be seen above, there are a lot of steps, but some users find that these aren’t enough options. Thankfully with the help of ADB, you we can customize the Active Edge squeeze sensitivity to be much more precise to our liking.

Customize the Google Pixel 2’s Active Edge Squeeze Sensitivity

Step 1 – Setting up ADB

It’s fairly simple to set up ADB whether you’re on Windows, MacOS or Linux! Once you have adb setup, it’s pretty simple to change the squeeze sensitivity.

Step 2 – The Command

Open a command prompt in the folder containing adb, and use the following command.

adb shell settings put secure assist_gesture_sensitivity X.XX

active edge command google pixel 2
Where X.XX is any number from 0 to 1.0. 1.0 is the highest squeeze sensitivity, and as you approach 0 it requires a stronger squeeze to activate. Basically the lower the number the harder it is to squeeze to activate the Active Edge feature. That’s all you have to do! Play around with it and see what works best.

Step 3 – Reverting back to Stock Active Edge Sensitivity Values

If you ever wish to revert back to one of the 9 default options, you can simply select one of them and the change you made in adb will revert. This is because these default options change the value above, you just don’t actually see it get changed to anything or have any idea what the values being set are.

Try it out, see what you like and let us know in the comments what your favorite values are!

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