Fully Customize Gmail Notification Buttons with the AutoNotification app

Fully Customize Gmail Notification Buttons with the AutoNotification app

Android has plenty of great apps for managing your email, though the most popular by far is likely Google’s own Gmail and Inbox app. If you gets tons of emails each day, then you may be annoyed by the amount of smartphone notifications that brings. Android has gained powerful notification management features in the past few versions, with features such as inline replies, bundled notifications, and notification channels, but the Gmail app still only shows the ‘Archive’ / ‘Delete’ and ‘Reply’ options in the notifications list and doesn’t allow for customizing it notification buttons.


In October, we showed you how AutoNotification, a third-party app, can let users add a ‘Mark as Read‘ button to their Gmail notifications. At that time, the feature was in beta, but it was added to the stable version of the app two weeks ago. Now, the developer of the app has added even more functionality to the app, as it allows users to fully customize Gmail notification buttons.

Before, users could only add the “Mark as Read’ button, but now, they can choose between 14 buttons. They can even have up to five buttons at the same time.

The buttons in the Gmail notifications will look different based on users’ choice. If users select three buttons or less, the buttons will be shown as text buttons. On the other hand, if more than three buttons are selected, the buttons will become graphical buttons, with different icons for each.

AutoNotification now will also now group users’ notifications by email accounts. According to the developer, this will make it easier to manage notifications.

The new features are available in the latest version of AutoNotification, which can be downloaded from the Play Store. The app is now an increasingly powerful way to customize notifications, and interested users are advised to check out its functionality. The new Gmail notification button customization feature requires a $0.99 in-app purchase just as the “mark as read” functionality did, but the price is well worth it if you go through a ton of emails each week.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: Free

Source: Joao Apps

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