CutCalc: A Calculator for Mechanical Engineers

CutCalc: A Calculator for Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical and mechatronics engineers may want a handy app to calculate data for drilling, milling and turning. If you’re part of those, you might have searched the Play store only to give up after not finding anything useful.
Fortunately, XDA Recognized Developer laufersteppenwolf found himself in that same situation, but decided to fix it by making an app to calculate what he needed.

CutCalc is a simple calculator that makes tasks mechanical engineers need on a daily basis much easier, and comes with the following features:

  • Calculate the needed RPM for milling, turning and drilling.
  • Calculate the feed rate for these operations.
  • Easily double the result when working with PVC or similar materials.
  • Customize default values for cutting speed for milling, turning or drilling, as well as other default options such as the default feed per blade or number of blades.

Future plans for CutCalc include an optional dark theme, splitting the default feed for drilling, turning and milling, as well as allowing the PVC multiplier to be customized by the user.

Head over to the CutCalc XDA Forum Thread straightaway to get started. CutCalc is also open source, so make sure to check the project on GitHub if you’re interested, or even send pull requests to add the features you want.

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