Cyanogen to Update OnePlus One Globally, Even in India

Cyanogen to Update OnePlus One Globally, Even in India

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Just a few days ago, we talked about how Cyanogen Inc. was set to drop support for the OnePlus One in India due to a conflicting contract. According to many articles on the Web, including those from the OnePlus team, exclusive rights to use Cyanogen OS in India were transferred over to Micromax. The One’s makers then announced that they were working hard to create their own operating system that would eventually replace Cyanogen OS as a main operating system on devices produced by OnePlus. It appears that some sort of miscommunication took place between Cyanogen and OnePlus, which lead us and users around the world to confusion.

Needless to say, Cyanogen Inc. found the inaccurate uproar disturbing, and decided to release a statement to clarify a few matters that have been raised on various tech sites, including the XDA Portal. According to Cyanogen’s blog, the company will continue to provide updates for all global OnePlus One devices, including those in India. This means that the forthcoming Lollipop update will be available to download everywhere–through the usual update channels such as OTAs and factory images.

The company also shed some light regarding its goals for the upcoming months. Cyanogen has signed agreements with two Asian vendors, Micromax and YU. We can only surmise that these partnerships will result in brand new devices by Micromax and YU that will run Cyanogen OS as default. We’re glad to see that everything is now in the clear, and that there is no room for misinterpretation.

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