CyanogenMod 13.0 Snapshot Build ZNH5Y Rolling Out for Supported Devices!

CyanogenMod 13.0 Snapshot Build ZNH5Y Rolling Out for Supported Devices!

CyanogenMod has been a strong driving force in the world of 3rd party development. Back when it came out, CyanogenMod started off as a small project for the HTC Dream aka the T-Mobile G1. But now, the project spans over literal hundreds of devices, offering the enthusiast community a way out of heavy and bloated systems and a dive into modifications for those with minimal skins. CyanogenMod continues to be one of the most popular (if not THE most popular) custom ROMs of all time, and not without good reason too.

But that being said, CyanogenMod is not for the average user. Well, specifically the builds that we at XDA-Developers tend to be comfortable with flashing and testing are not the builds that I would personally load onto the phone of someone who is technologically-challenged. Builds of unstable nature, such as nightlies or beta releases would find no fans outside of the Android enthusiast communities as these often contain code that may result in undocumented or unexpected results.

This is where Snapshot builds come into the picture. For people who want their phones to continue running as a normal phone is expected to, Snapshot releases from CyanogenMod offer the stability expected and a lot of the CM goodness rolled into a package that is suitable for people with a basic know-how of the Android world.

CyanogenMod has just rolled out their latest Snapshot build for supported devices. This build of CyanogenMod 13 with build ZNH5Y brings to the supported devices the latest in terms of security updates and the host of features that us on Nightlies have come to expect. In addition to these, the Snapshot build also brings a new black bootanimation, so users of AMOLED devices might look forward to checking that out.

The full changelog of the build can be found here, and the CM team has been kind to highlight some of the major changes:

  • Wi-Fi Tethering – automatically turn off hotspot after X minutes of inactivity
  • Profiles – add notification light controls
  • Do Not Disturb/Priority Mode – add notification light controls
  • Privacy Guard/App data usage – Restrict apps to Wi-Fi or Cellular data only or block all internet access, per app
  • Bluetooth Devices battery support – For compatible devices, a new battery icon will appear in the status bar to show the paired devices’ battery level
  • Lockscreen Wallpaper picker makes its return
  • Lockscreen Weather and new Weather plug in support – see weather blog post
  • Lockscreen Blur support (on a per device basis) and the ability to disable the effect
  • Live Lockscreen support
  • New LiveDisplay hardware enhancements and API
  • Snap Camera (per device basis)
  • Gello Browser (per device basis)
  • Lots of translations
  • Cyanogen Apps support (x86 is not supported yet)
  • Additional CM SDK APIs
  • Security fixes galore

The CM blog post for this release also draws attention to the recent security issues that have cropped up. This Snapshot build has a reported security patch level of August 5th, so you have all previous security fixes covered. For the Quadrooter vulnerability however, two of the reported four CVEs have been plugged as these affect the OSS code. The other two affect the OEM binaries, and since CyanogenMod does not have access to these, these cannot be fixed completely on their end. A lot of the supported devices have even been abandoned by their OEMs on Lollipop and even earlier, so there’s very little chance that these devices will get updated binary blobs which can then be incorporated onto Marshmallow. Sad, but not unexpected.

For installation, it is best to check out the CM wiki for your device or check out your device’s subforum over at our forums. A generic instruction is that you can flash this build on the previous CM13.0 ZNHOE build without wiping anything (aka dirty flash). To see the list of devices that have received the Snapshot build from the automated build bots, head on over to the CM blog post or check out the Downloads page.

What are your thoughts on the CyanogenMod 13 Snapshot build? Have you flashed it yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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