CyanogenMod cLock Backported to Android 3.0 Honeycomb as Crius

CyanogenMod cLock Backported to Android 3.0 Honeycomb as Crius

Users of the wildly popular CyanogenMod ROM will no doubt be familiar with the cLock widget, a clean and elegant way of displaying the time and date, weather, and calendar events. Of course, there are also some top-notch alternatives for those running other ROMs that can be found in the Play Store, as well as in the form of a port for any Android 4.2 + device.

Unfortunately, however, users with older devices seem to be missing out, as the aforementioned options are simply not compatible. Well, the good news is that this is no longer the case for running Android 3.0+, as XDA Recognized Developer EatHeat has backported most of CyanogenMod’s cLock functions and features.

The port so far only supports time, date, and weather, with the calendar function still yet to be added. It also retains the extensive customization cLock users will definitely be familiar with including:

  • custom colors for clock elements
  • custom colors for weather elements
  • bold the hour or minutes of the clock
  • show or hide the alarm
  • show or hide your location

EatHeat advises users to install a home launcher that supports widget resizing, and notes that a reboot may be required on some devices after installing the widget for the first time if the widget does not appear in the widget picker.

So if you can’t wait to experience cLock on your Android 3.0+ device, check out the original thread to get started.

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