Dangerous Things Partner With Fidesmo to Launch Implantable Cryptography Key

Dangerous Things Partner With Fidesmo to Launch Implantable Cryptography Key

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Today at CEBIT, Amal Graafstra founder of Dangerous Things launched the UKI, a new body implant fully compatible with Android over NFC. The UKI is supported by the Fidesmo system which gained the spotlight at Techcrunch Disrupt NY 2014. The UKI supports javacards meaning with just a tap of your phone you can load the implant with the ability to generate One Time Passwords, Universal Second Factor using Yubico’s OATH applet, a PGP encryption key to encrypt/decrypt files, emails and text, and even pay with bitcoins.

It is possible write your own javacard apps, and Fidesmo are working to sign up more partners to expand the growing ecosystem of apps and services currently supported. The UKI is a passive (it receives all power from your phone or reader) 13.56mhz transponder in a medical grade ISO 10993 polymer which is USP Class VI certified. This can be seen in the image above, where it has been placed on top of the site where it will be implanted for reference.

“We’re are thrilled to be working with Fidesmo to introduce UKI here at CeBIT. It is truly a revolution in personal cryptography, digital identity management, and secure application portability – UKI truly puts the power of cryptography into people’s hands.” … Your biological self and the collection of accounts, services, messages, transactions, and records which make up your digital identity exist as two identities, which are only loosely coupled by

vulnerable account passwords and impractical or interceptable technologies. With UKI, we can change that. You can be you (and nobody else can), anywhere, all the time. You + UKI means your biological and digital identities can be cryptographically merged, ensuring the one true you is the only you using your devices, sending your messages, reading your email, accessing your accounts, opening your doors, diriving your vehicles, and spending your money. – Amal Graafstra

You can watch the full CeBIT announcment below!

Be sure to visit the UKI site here and subscribe to their updates here or check out the Fidesmo app here.

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