Dash Charging Kernel Code Released for the OnePlus 3!

Dash Charging Kernel Code Released for the OnePlus 3!

Just last month, we extensively covered the OnePlus 3 and what makes it a tinkerer’s best bet (excluding Nexus, of course) in the current flagship market. One of the things that was a talking point for the OnePlus 3 was Dash Charging — the ability to fast charge the device irrespective of the usage state of the phone.

But Dash Charging and software tinkering did not really go hand-in-hand, as even though OnePlus open-sourced a lot of aspects of their device, they chose to keep the sources related to Dash Charging with them. They weren’t obliged in any way to release them, but they did promise to nonetheless, with the caveat being that the source will be released in two halves:

@julian-klode You are right, we will release all DASH codes which under GPL license. In fact, we will release DASH as two parts: one part is kernel source code, such as GPIO; and the other is Oneplus proprietary. For the business consideration, Oneplus proprietary will be released as binary.


OnePlus had given an estimated timeline for the end of July for this to be out, and with July coming to an end, where’s our Dash Charging for custom ROMs?

Here it is.

Guys, Dash is uploaded, please re-sync all repositories I mentioned below, and build.






To build up on the incoming Dash Support update, custom kernels have also been updated to support Dash Charging on OxygenOS. More kernels will start supporting Dash Charging as news of this release spreads.

There is one minus point to the OnePlus 3 that still exists. The kernel code needs an update, as even three updates later, the sources have not been updated. We hope OnePlus gets on it sooner rather than later.

What are your thoughts on OnePlus making Dash Charging available to custom kernels? Let us know in the comments below!

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