Amazon’s Deal of the Day will make sure you never lose your data again

Amazon’s Deal of the Day will make sure you never lose your data again

It doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it, you need a way to keep your data safe. There is nothing worse than losing something important because a hard drive or flash drive died. Cloud services exist now, but what if something happens to your account, or the data is too sensitive to put on the cloud? It also doesn’t help that companies like Google are making more data count towards storage limits too! So today, Amazon is having a sale on all sorts of data storage devices, so you can make sure everything stays safe.

Really, today’s sale has practically every sort of backup storage device you might need at a great discount. Take the multiple microSDs on sale, for example. Whether you need a data storage device for your Nintendo Switch, smartphone, camera, or anything else, these microSDs will get the backup storage you need. Both the Sandisk Ultra and Sandisk Extreme microSD cards are on a deep discount, with the 512GB models being 67% and 60% off, respectively. Yes, the Amazon store page says up to 30% off, but apparently, they meant up to double that off.


If you need a flash drive, there’s a deal for it as well! The HP 128GB flash drive is just $14, down from $17. No, it wasn’t expensive in the first place, but who can argue against savings either way? 21% off, this USB 3.0 flash drive will save your important data in a format that’s easy to carry around. Perfect for data you need to get somewhere else, but is too sensitive for something like Google Drive.

MicroSDs and flash drives not enough data storage space? Don’t worry, as extra SSDs are also on sale! The Crucial X8 500GB SSD is on sale, to be exact. Down to $80, this is the perfect device for backing up all the data on your desktop (which is definitely something you should do regularly). It can also work with any device that accepts external storage devices, like say… the PlayStation 4? Those never shipping with enough storage space…

Since this is Amazon’s Deal of the Day, you only have today to grab these data storage deals. If there’s something you need, don’t wait!

    No matter what kind of storage device you need, you can save today with Amazon's Deal of the Day! Whether you're looking for a MicroSD or an external SSD, you can find something to suit your needs here.

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