Datally can disable data usage while you sleep, save data for emergencies

Datally can disable data usage while you sleep, save data for emergencies

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Smartphones have assuredly brought massive convenience to our daily lives. There really is no debating that point. However, with that convenience, there have been a couple of pain points. One of these issues is battery life, which Google has been working on fixing. The other is trying to maintain control of how much mobile data our devices use, which is where Datally comes in.

As far as mobile data usage controls have been concerned, there have always been some minimal settings within Android itself. However, back in November of last year, Google released an application into the Play Store called Datally. As you would expect, the entire goal of Datally is to give you more control over when, where, and how much mobile data your smartphone is allowed to use throughout the day. Before Google released this application to the public they did a small test in the Philippines for a few months and were able to save their users up to 30% of their mobile data usage.

Google hasn’t given up on the application either with it being shown to be very popular at over 10,000,000 downloads in the Play Store. A couple of months ago the team behind the application added 4 new data saving tools including Guest Mode, Daily Limit, Unused Apps, and a handy WiFi Map. Just earlier today there was a new blog post published on Google’s Keyword blog that shows 2 new features which are being added to Datally.

This first feature has been labeled Emergency Bank, and it saves some of your mobile data throughout the month so that you will always have some for emergency situations. All you have to do is enter how much mobile data per month that you would like and Datally will prevent applications from using that amount of data. The second of these 2 new features is called Bedtime Mode. You can configure your bed and wake times so the application knows when it should limit your mobile data usage while you’re sleeping. This will surely save a ton of mobile data from those applications that like to sync a bunch of stuff at night over your mobile connection.

Source: Google