Datally gets 4 new data saving tools including “Guest Mode” and daily limits

Datally gets 4 new data saving tools including “Guest Mode” and daily limits

Google launched Datally, an app for saving and control mobile data, in November of last year. The application helps you track your mobile data, control which apps use it, and find high-quality Wi-Fi networks. It uses VPN service to restrict mobile data usage. According to Google, an average user saves 21% of data by using this app. Just today the app gained 4 new features that will help you to better save your data. Let’s break them down.

Guest Mode

Guest Mode will let you stay in control while your family members, relatives, or friends use your phone. You’ll be able to set an amount of data you’re comfortable sharing, and then lend your phone to someone. For example, you can decide that you only want your brother to use 100MB of your data. You give him your phone and after that 100MB expires, he won’t be able to use your mobile data anymore. That’s neat.


Daily Limit

You can now define how much data you want to use each day. Let’s say you’re going touring for a month and you only have 30GB data. You can set the Daily Limit to 1GB per day to make sure you don’t run out. You’ll get warnings as soon as you reach that limit. It’s also possible to block mobile data usage for the whole day, or you can just ignore the warning and continue browsing.

Unused Apps

Ever wanted to see why your mobile data keeps burning when you’re not using anything? From now on, you’ll be able to see exactly which unused apps keeps running in the background, using your precious data. Unused Apps are apps that you haven’t used in more than a month. You can now uninstall them with one tap.

Wi-Fi Map

You can now see Wi-Fi networks near you and choose the best one. They have a rating system, so after connecting and using the network, you can rate it for the benefit of others. This will definitely help you save more data when you’re in need.

This new Datally update is rolling out starting today. You can install the app from the link below.

Source: Google Blog

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