Dates Available for Google Code-in 2016 and Google Summer of Code 2017

Dates Available for Google Code-in 2016 and Google Summer of Code 2017

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Google does a number of things for the open source community. Along with contributing open source code, they also hold a number of events and contests that benefit its developers. Two of their most popular open source events are Google Code-in, and the Google Summer of Code. Google has already released some statistics for Google Summer of Code 2016, and they hope to top that next year.

The Google Summer of Code event is for university students from around the world. Google brings these students together and lets them work on various open source projects that interest them. Mentors are provided for the students and this enables them to practice their skills along with offering experience to work on such projects. The students can even earn a stipend once they have completed the project they were working on.

Google has just announced the Google Summer of Code (also known as GSoC) will begin on March 20th. Those who are interested in participating can start turning in their applications on January 19th. Google has also announced the dates for their Google Code-in 2016 event, and this will take place on November 28th. This marks the 7th consecutive year that Google has offered this to 13 – 17 year-old kids.

Google’s Code-in event gives younger students a chance to find out if open source development is really for them. Not only will students get to learn about the industry, but they also get hands-on experience that teaches them about a number of related tasks. Google starts from scratch and teaches students what open source is, how it’s used, and how to contribute. They then offer various tasks to show them what it’s like to write and refactor code, how to create documentation for the code, QA testing, and researching along with designing a user interface for the project.

Source: Google Open Source Blog