Google Daydream View 2017 Refresh Brings New Colors at a $100 Price Point

Google Daydream View 2017 Refresh Brings New Colors at a $100 Price Point

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We’re learning a lot today about the products that Google will allegedly launch this upcoming October 4th. First, we heard additional details of the Google Home Mini. Next up, we’re hearing from Droid-Life that the Google Daydream View is allegedly getting a 2017 refresh as well.

This is an interesting move from Google since the Daydream View headset is quite a simple accessory already, so you wouldn’t think there is much they can improve upon. However, we are learning that the new Daydream View headset that will receive a bump in price to $100 (compared to the $80 that its predecessor was launched at).

And as the feature image above shows, it will be made available in three different colors (which actually matches the three colors the Google Home Mini will have too) so we can expect that from the upcoming launch event.

When comparing these images to the original, a subtle difference we can see is the flap being pressed against the headset better. It also looks like the top part that sits above your forehead has a slightly different shape to it.

It’s speculated that there could be more going on inside the unit, but the goal of Google’s Daydream VR platform is to do all of the heavy virtual reality processing within the smartphone itself. So it’s possible that the only changes happening here have to do with the size, shape, and build materials. Droid-Life says it may be a more rugged headset compared to the original, so that could translate to the fabric being less soft.

We can’t tell the exact size of the new Daydream View model from these images, but it’s possible this size increase may be to accommodate a larger smartphone frame given that smartphones with screens up to 6.3″ are now capable of being Daydream VR certified.

Source: Droid-Life