Dbrand sees something in Nothing, releases new Phone 1 skin

Dbrand sees something in Nothing, releases new Phone 1 skin

You have to give it to Dbrand; the company knows how to generate interest in its products, even if it has to ride the back of other trending events. With impeccable timing, the company has announced a new set of smartphone skins called “Something.” The new design is a play on Carl Pei’s Nothing brand aesthetic, which recently launched its Phone 1 to market.

The Dbrand Something skins offer an aesthetic identical to the look of the Phone 1. Most of the design is colored white and offers a faux look at the phone’s internals. There is even lettering mimicking Nothing’s dot font. Unlike its other releases, this seems quite limited, as it can only be purchased for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Google Pixel 6 Pro, and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.


Dbrand Something skin for all three phones

While Nothing’s marketing can sometimes be a bit much, it has to be appreciated. Dbrand’s Something skin release only further solidifies that Nothing does have something when it comes to the design of its products. The Ear 1 and Phone 1 have both shown off designs that are fresh and infectious, which is evidenced not only by consumer interest but also interest from companies like Dbrand. It will be interesting to see how Carl Pei and Nothing react. But, Dbrand has never been one to shy away from controversy. Instead, it has always met it head-on, even if it means it has to take on industry giants like Sony.

Nothing isn’t just catching the attention of consumers

If you want the Nothing look on your phone, head to the Dbrand website. The design comes in two options. It can be purchased as a skin that can be applied directly to your phone, or you can purchase a case with the same design. If you’re more interested in the real deal, check out our review of the Phone 1.

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