Popular skin maker ‘dbrand’ is selling products in-store for the first time

Popular skin maker ‘dbrand’ is selling products in-store for the first time

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Pretty much all of us have heard of dbrand, largely thanks to their social media presence and YouTube sponsorships. The premise of dbrand is simple – you can “debrand” (i.e. remove branding) your smartphone with stickers that coat your device, giving it a fancy new look that at a glance, looks like it’s the actual design of the phone. The company’s products have slowly grown in popularity over the years, and now their products can be bought in-store for the first time. Where? The Samsung Experience Store in dbrand’s home city of Toronto.

While there’s no official confirmation of a deeper partnership in the works, it’s not hard to connect the dots that there may be more coming in the future. The only other third-party company that Samsung has partnered with is AKG, which is actually a subsidiary of Samsung. It’s possible that we may see dbrand products pop up in more Samsung stores as time goes on.

However, dbrand products are notorious for their difficulty in applying. When you purchase a dbrand skin, you need to be really careful when applying it, as it’s very easy to make a mistake and then you need to start again. That’s why when you purchase a dbrand skin in store, it will also be applied directly to your device for you – for free, as well. It does appear to be a Samsung exclusive only for now though, and it probably wouldn’t be too surprising if you couldn’t buy a dbrand skin online for a random device and ask a salesperson to apply it for you.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this potential partnership in the future. With the Samsung Galaxy S20 on the horizon, it’s possible that we could see dbrand skins available at launch.