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Forget DDR5, check out these DDR4 RAM Black Friday deals before it’s too late

Forget DDR5, check out these DDR4 RAM Black Friday deals before it’s too late

If you’re still in the market for a new DDR4 RAM kit, this is one of the best times to grab it. There are plenty of Black Friday deals on DDR4 memory that are simply too good to be ignored. DDR4 remains a perfectly viable option for PC builds despite the arrival of new DDR5 memory modules. While DDR5 promises improvements over DDR4 in key areas, they’re either out of stock right now or are simply too expensive to consider. Not to mention, you’ll also need a supporting motherboard to take advantage of the DDR5 kits. Keeping all this in mind, we decided to comb through tons of websites to find some of the best DDR4 RAM Black Friday deals on the internet. Let’s get started:


    Best DDR4 kit with RGB

    The PNY XLR8 Gaming DDR4 memory kit comes with two 8GB RAM modules for a dual-channel setup. This particular kit is rated for DDR4-3200 memory speeds, making it a great option even for a relatively high-end build. The PNY XLR8 CL16 kit comes with a heat-spreader fully kitted with RGB lights for customization.

    Best 32GB DDR4 RAM kit

    The Silicon Power Gaming Series DDR4 RAM kit is a great way to add 32GB DDR4 memory to your PC. You get two 16GB modules in this kit with a heat spreader on top to cool the chip. There are no RGB lights on this one, but that's not really a deal-breaker since the kit is down to just $90 for Black Friday. The modules are rated for 3200Mhz memory speeds with tight 16-18-18-38 timings.

    Best high-performance DDR4 RAM

    Corsair's Dominator Platinum is known to be one of the best high-performance DDR4 RAM kits on the market. You can grab a 32GB kit with four 8GB modules for just $250 right now for Black Friday. The modules are rated for DDR4-3600 memory speeds. They're available in both black and white color variants with Corsair's CAPELLIX RGB LEDs.

    Alternate high-performance 32GB DDR4 RAM kit

    The Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro is also a popular pick among enthusiasts because of its high memory speeds and tight timings. You get two 16GB modules as a part of this kit and they're rated for DDR4-3600 memory speeds. Unlike the regular Vengeance DDR4 RAM kit, the Pro version comes with RGB lights on top of the modules, making it a great option for high-end builds. You can grab this DDR4 kit for just $40 for a limited time.

    Best 16GB DDR4 RAM kit

    The G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 16GB DDR4 RAM kit is down to its lowest price on Newegg right now. This is a fantastic memory kit that provides RGB lighting and reliable performance. The modules are rated for DDR4-3200 memory speeds and 16-18-18-38 memory timings. You get two 8GB modules which means it leaves more room for upgrades later in the future.

    Best barebones kit

    The Crucial DDR4 barebones RAM module is perhaps the most affordable way to add memory to a budget build. Barebones modules with exposed PCB are good for cases without a see-through glass side panel. With DDR4 2666 memory speeds, we think this module is perfect for an entry-level PC that doesn't require too much memory. It doesn't have a huge discount but it's one of the most affordable modules we could find online.

Well, that concludes our collection of the best DDR4 RAM Black Friday deals you can find right now. All the aforementioned options offer reliable performance and a good set of features for the price. In fact, a lot of these kits are already a part of our best DDR4 RAM kit collection. That being said, we think the G.Skill TridentZ RGB 16GB RAM kit is a great option for most people. Enthusiasts looking for a high-performance kit can pick up either the Corsair Dominator Platinum kit or the Vengeance RGB Pro DDR4 RAM kit.

We encourage you to check out our collection of the best DDR5 RAM kits if you’re hellbent on taking a leap to the new memory standard. We’ve also managed to put together a healthy list of Black Friday PC and gaming deals that are worth taking a look at.

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