Debloat Galaxy Devices Without Root

Debloat Galaxy Devices Without Root

In this XDA TV video, TK shows us how to get rid of the bloatware on Galaxy devices, without having to root your phone. TK demonstrates the Package Disabler Pro on the Galaxy Note 7. Check out the video to see how it works and download the app for yourself.

Download Package Disabler Pro here.

* Disabling and enabling any packages /apps
* Package Disabler Helps to Identify 100+ Bloatware’s on most of Samsung Handsets
* One click bloatware removal to quickly improve device perfomance and save battery
* Export your disabled list to the external storage to import them later
* Batch operation to enable all disabled packages
* Filter to show all disabled packages
* Password protection
* Filter to show all installed apps
* Filter to show all system packages
* Quickly find apps using the search functionality
* Use Google cardboard APPS on Gear VR ( disable package )



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