Deblur Those Dodgy Photos with DeblurIt

Deblur Those Dodgy Photos with DeblurIt

With nearly all new smartphones having one or even two built-in cameras, and a vast array of online photo hosting websites, the amount of photos being taken by the average smartphone user is increasing every day. Given the camera inside a smartphone generally isn’t of professional quality, a large number of photos taken from a phone will be of poor quality, with a number of faults, of course including out of focus blur or motion blur. Normally, these photos would have to be deleted and forgotten about.

Thanks to XDA Member Standy66, you may not have to consign those blurred photos to the recycle bin. DeblurIt is a professional tool used to sharpen blurry photos. It uses progressive algorithms based on deconvolution technology. Unlike standard unsharp mask filters that simply detect edges and add them to the original image, deconvolution uses information within the image to approximately restore the original image, thus correcting the photo blur.


The app can be used with an auto mode that will attempt to quickly remove small blurs using an unsharp mask. Manual mode allows you to tweak various settings in order to achieve optimal results. DeblurIt supports images up to 4096×4096 pixels, can export to PNG and JPEG, and will operate in the background and notify you when the process is complete.

If you want to save some of those old blurred photos, head on over to the app thread.


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