What configurations does the Dell Latitude 5430 come in?

What configurations does the Dell Latitude 5430 come in?

The new Dell Latitude 5430 is the latest in Dell’s business laptop lineup. It is a traditional 14-inch laptop that sports the latest 12th generation Intel processors, systems management options, a great webcam, and even a Windows 10 Pro option. This makes it great for enterprise situations where folks might not be ready for Windows 11 just yet.

The Dell Latitude 5430, though, is not to be confused with the Latitude 5431, which offers options for Nvidia’s MX550 Discrete graphics. It’s also not to be mistaken with the Latitude 5330, which is the 13-inch model, or the Latitude 5530 which is a 15-inch model with different class CPUs.


That’s why we’ve put together this guide that will let you know what exactly you’ll be buying, looking at the CPU options, the operating system, and different pricing available for the Latitude 5430 in particular.

Of course, pricing is always subject to change on this model. The very base option comes in at $1,489 (without any discounts) which is what we’re using as a reference point for upgrading and configuring components in this guide. Adding features will bump the price up a bit, depending on what is chosen.

Operating system

The Dell Latitude 5430 comes with options for Windows 10 Pro out of the box. Included in any price, you also get a Windows 11 Pro license too. There’s no charge for upgrading to Windows 11 Pro, according to Dell’s product page. Presumably, you can upgrade for free using Microsoft’s methods.

Operating system Price
Windows 10 Pro Included in Price
Windows 11 Pro Upgrade License included


There are four different CPU options available on the Dell Latitude 5430. All of these CPUs are from Intel’s 12th generation U-series vPro lineup. Running at either 15 or 9 watts, these are chips are typically what you’ll find in ultralight devices in this same class.

All the CPUs are configured with 10 cores and 12 threads. Options for the base Intel Core i5-1235U vPro Essentials CPU or the mid-range Intel Core i5-1245U Enterprise CPU will get you speeds up to 4.40 GHz.

Jumping up to the Intel Core i7-1255U Essentials will get you a slightly faster speed of 4.70 GHz, and the best possible chip is the Intel Core i7-1265U Enterprise, which gets you up to 4.80Ghz speed. We don’t think you should go that far though unless you really want to spec out your machine for intense tasks like managing virtual machines and hypervisors.

Choosing one of these chips might not make too much of a difference in terms of performance for business apps. The CPU choices mainly come down to having VPro Essentials or VPro Enterprise. VPro Essentials is for smaller businesses, and included device management support, enhanced security, and Intel Hardware Shield.

vPro Enterprise has all the same features as Essentials, plus a few more features like battery life and productivity features, as well as simplified connectivity and hardware-enhanced security. Intel also includes remote management and out-of-band management capabilities, too.

CPU Price Notes
Intel Core i5-1235U $1,489 Base model with 8 GB RAM
Intel Core i5-1245U +$150 From base model with 8 GB RAM
Intel Core i7-1255U +$240 From base model with 8 GB RAM
Intel Core i7-1265U +$480 Will add 16 GB of RAM from any base model


RAM on the Dell Latitude 5430 is limited to either 8 GB or 16 GB. Generally speaking, the more RAM, the better as it is what your laptop will use when you’re loading up multiple web pages and multitasking.

In the case of the Dell Latitude 5430, all CPU options will let you configure with 8GB of RAM, except the high-end model. This one, with the Intel Core i7-1265U, requires 16 GB of RAM. All CPU options will also let you pick 16 GB of RAM, if you want it, too. Swapping between RAM will be anywhere from $110-$200, depending on which CPU you’ve chosen.

RAM Price difference Notes
8 GB N/A base Included on all CPU options except Core i7-1265U
16 GB
+$270, $360,$480
From the base model for each CPU option mentioned above


There are only two storage options available on the Latitude 5430 laptop ranging from either 256 GB or 512 GB, As you’d expect, more storage is more space. More storage means less of your files will be on the cloud. You might want to pick storage that’s beyond 256 GB. From a base model, adding the 512GB storage option will be a $250 upgrade, and for the higher-end model you choose, upgrades can push as close as $290.

Storage Price Notes
256 GB $1,489 Standard model with 8GB RAM, Core i5-1235U
512 GB +$240 From base model, also adds 16 GB of RAM


With the webcam, there are three different options you can choose from. The cheapest option you can get is an HD Camera with Temporal Noise Reduction, a Camera Shutter, and Mic. You can also upgrade to add in Windows Hello. Then, the final option will get you Dell’s suite of smart features, like Express Sign-In, as well as Intelligent Privacy, where the laptop can lock as you walk away from the screen.

Webcam option Price Notes
HD Camera, Temporal Noise Reduction, Camera Shutter, Mic $1,489 Standard Option for the base model
FHD/IR Camera with Express SignIn+ Intelligent Privacy, Temporal Noise Reduction, Camera Shutter, Mic +$400 Will switch to Intel Core i5-1245U, 16GB RAM, Touch Display, FingerPrint Reader, VPro Enterprise Enabled
FHD IR Camera, Temporal Noise Reduction, Camera Shutter, Mic +$240 Will switch to Intel Core i5-1255U, 8GB RAM, 256 GB Storage, Non-Touch Display, SmartCard, and FingerPrint Reader


Dell offers two displays which are touch and non-touch with the same FHD resolution. The first option is a standard 14-inch FHD 1920 x 1080 display with an Anti Glare panel tuned at 250 nits. Your second option is a 14.0-inch FHD 1920 x 1080p touch display rated at 300 nits of brightness.

Picking the second higher-end display will limit what kind of CPU or RAM you can use, though. It is only available on models with 16GB of RAM, and the Intel Core i5-1245U CPU or the Intel i7-1265U.

Display Option Price Notes
14-inch FHD 1920 x 1080 Anti Glare, Non-Touch WVA, 250 Nits, FHD IR Camera  $1,489 Base model
14-inch FHD 1920 x 1080 Anti Clare, Touch, WVA, 300 Nits, FHD IR Camera+ Intelligent Privacy, WLAN +$360 From the base model will upgrade to Intel Core i5-1245U, 16 GB RAM,

PalmRest Options

As a bonus on this system, Dell includes customization options for the PalmRest. You can choose to have a SmartCard reader or Fingerprint reader on your system or not. Only the base model does not come with these. Adding the SmartCard reader or the Fingerprint reader is a good option for businesses in terms of security, and compatibility with accessories. It can be found as an additional option by upgrading to models other than the Intel Core i5-1235U processor, as we described above in the CPU section.

Palmrest Option Price Notes
Palmrest, No Fingerprint, No SmartCard, Thunderbolt 4 $1,489 Base model price
Palmrest, SmartCard, FingerPrint Reader, Thunderbolt 4 +$240 Will upgrade you to Intel Core i7-1255U CPU

System Management Options

The last option you can configure when buying the Latitude 5430 is Systems Management. You can opt to keep Intel Management Engine off, or add Intel vPro Enterprise Technology. Keeping Intel Management Engine off has no impact on price, and adding Intel vPro Enterprise Technology is a $200 upgrade on models with the Intel Core i5-1245U or the Intel Core i7-1267U.

If you want to buy the Latitude 5430 Laptop today, you can via the link below. Keep in mind, that this isn’t a consumer-first laptop though. It’s mainly geared toward businesses and enterprises, and IT admins. For a consumer Dell laptop, we suggest the XPS 13.

    The Dell Latitude 5430 is a great laptop for business and enterprise users as it combines management features with modern CPUs

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