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The best wireless earbuds for the Dell XPS 13 Plus

The best wireless earbuds for the Dell XPS 13 Plus

Dell is coming up with one of the coolest laptops we’ve seen in a long time with the XPS 13 Plus. This laptop has a futuristic and clean design like no other, and it’s going to be quite powerful to boot. But while it’s small and light enough to take anywhere, that doesn’t mean you want to use it to have the speakers blaring in public. And if you do… well, don’t. It’s a good way to get a good set of wireless earbuds for your Dell XPS 13 Plus, and we’re here to help.

Wireless earbuds are preferrable in many ways, but with the Dell XPS 13 Plus, they’re almost mandatory. Aside from USB-C/Thunderbolt, there are basically no other ports on this laptop, so you need to use some wireless peripherals. Unless you want to carry adapters around all the time, of course. As such, we’ve rounded up some of the best wireless earbuds for the Dell XPS 13 Plus. Truth be told, they should work well with any Bluetooth-enabled Windows PC.


    Top premium earbuds

    Samsung makes some well-known earbuds, and thanks to its support for the Windows ecosystem, these are one of the best options for a laptop. They have features like noise cancellation, touch gestures, and you can even use a Windows app to configure them to your liking.

    For productivity

    Another great choice for PC users, the Surface Earbuds offer great sound quality. Because Microsoft focuses on PC a lot more, they have features like Office 365 integration and you can set them up with the Surface app. They have a unique design, which you may like or not.

    For the Apple fans

    Apple's AirPods are the gold standard for many when it comes to earbuds, and while they don't have a Windows app (because of course they don't), they should work great with the Dell XPS 13 Plus. Microsoft is making improvements to Windows so AirPods have better microphone audio quality, too.

    Premium sound

    The Sony WF-1000XM4 are one of the best earbuds you can find right now, and they offer stellar sound and noise cancellation. While there's no Windows app, they do support Swift Pair so they're easy to set up with your laptop, and they should sound just as good.

    For gaming

    Razer specializes in gaming hardware, and the 2nd-generation Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds are no different. They have 10mm drivers and noise cancellation, but they also come with a 60ms low-latency mode and Chroma RGB lighting for gamers.

    Premium alternative

    If you want premium wireless earbuds, Jabra is one of the more popular names out there. The Elite 85t offer advanced ANC with two microphones one each earbud, a semi-open design, plus they have large 12mm drivers for excellent sound.

    Sleek and capable

    Samsung's latest true wireless earbuds are another great option for the Dell XPS 13 Plus. They have a refined design compared to the Galaxy Buds Pro, plus they come in some fun colors and they still support the Galaxy Buds app for Windows so you can set them up easily.

    Budget pick

    If you're trying to get wireless earbuds on a small budget, the OnePlus Buds Z might be the best option for you. They lack fancy features like noise cancellation but they give you solid sound quality and battery life. There's no Windows app to configure them, though.

    Top-notch quality

    When it comes to premium audio, few brands are as well known as Sennheiser. The latest Momentum True Wireless earbuds come with 7mm drivers for excellent audio and a cool fabric-covered case with 28 hours of battery life.

And those are what we’d consider the best earbuds you can buy for the Dell XPS 13 Plus or other Windows laptops. If I were buying a pair for myself and I wasn’t too concerned with the budget, I’d probably go with one of the Galaxy Buds models, most likely the Galaxy Buds 2. I prefer having an app for Windows that allows me to set them up, and it’s rare for any earbuds to have such an app. The Surface Earbuds are also a great option that has a Windows app, though.

The Dell XPS 13 Plus isn’t available to buy just yet, but it’s looking to be one of the best Dell laptops of 2022. If you want a new laptop right now, make sure to stop by that list to find some great options. And if you absolutely must use wired headphones or other peripherals, you might want to check out the best docks for the Dell XPS family, too.

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