Here are the best replacement chargers for the Dell XPS 15 and 17

Here are the best replacement chargers for the Dell XPS 15 and 17

Dell’s XPS lineup includes some of its most premium laptops, and they’re among the best laptops you can buy today. They pack high-end specs in a sleek and stylish chassis, so you can truly use them anywhere. The Dell XPS 15 and 17 are particularly impressive since they pack 45W CPUs and discrete graphics in some cases. However, as portable as the laptops are, carrying chargers around can still be a chore, especially if you end up forgetting them somewhere. Or, worse yet, it can happen that your charger stops working and you need a new one. To help you out, we’ve rounded up the best replacement chargers you can get for your XPS 15 and 17.


Finding a replacement charger, in many cases, has got a lot easier in recent years thanks to the advent of USB Type-C and the Power Delivery standard. These chargers can deliver up to 100W of power, which is enough for many ultrabooks. Plus, they can often charge smartphones and other devices too. But the Dell XPS 15 and 17 come with 45W CPUs, and some of them also have discrete graphics. Because of that, standard Power Delivery chargers, and even Thunderbolt docks, may not be enough. You need to find specific chargers that work for your XPS 15 or 17, and that’s what we’ve done. Here are some of the options you can get.

    For models without a GPU

    We just said you might need more than 100W of power for your XPS 15 or 17, but if you have a model without discrete graphics, the 90W power adapter will get the job done just fine. You can save some money by going this route, and it won't affect your usage.

    More compact and affordable

    If the official Dell charger seems a little too expensive for you, this Nekteck alternative can deliver up to 100W, too. It's significantly cheaper, and it uses gallium nitride to achieve a very compact adapter size. It can charge your phone, too.

    Higher power

    If you do have an XPS model with a dedicated GPU, you're going to need some extra power. Dell has an official 130W power adapter you can get as a replacement or as a second charger for the office, and it can power more intensive tasks.

    Save some money

    More power tends to be more expensive, and the official Dell 130W adapter is definitely pricey. This alternative offers the same power but comes in at a much lower price point. You can power your gaming sessions without breaking the bank.

    Power and ports

    If you need more than a charger, Dell's WD19S docking station not only delivers up to 130W of power to your XPS 15, but also expands your connectivity. It has three USB ports, Ethernet, and display outputs so there isn't much you can't do.

    Now with Thunderbolt

    This is very similar to the previous dock, but it now adds Thunderbolt connectivity, meaning you can get up to 40Gbps of bandwidth for your ports. That means you can use dual 4K monitors at the same time, or get more bandwidth out of the USB ports when using them all at once.

These are some of the best chargers you can get for your Dell XPS 15 and 17. The 90W and 100W power adapters are more suited for models without discrete graphics, so they won’t be ideal if your model has an Nvidia GPU. However, they’ll work fine if you only have integrated Intel graphics. For models with discrete GPUs, the 130W adapters are the way to go since they’ll be able to charge the laptop while you’re using it.

Additionally, the docking stations can be a great way to expand your office setup without additional docks. They provide power and plenty of connectivity options, particularly the Thunderbolt model. They can be pricey, but Thunderbolt docks on their own are fairly expensive, so it might be worth the investment.

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