Developers can now use ad campaigns to advertise their apps in YouTube Search and Google Discover

Developers can now use ad campaigns to advertise their apps in YouTube Search and Google Discover

Google offers a wide variety of services for free to billions of people around the world. It costs the company a lot of money to run the servers and pay for the developers that enable these services to be what they are today. At its heart, Google is an advertising company and it’s the profit from these ads that make those services possible. This week the Google Ads team announced that application developers are now able to advertise in new ways on YouTube and in Google Discover as well.

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Google Discover

Google Discover was once known as Google Now and it still carries some of that DNA with it. The rest of Google Now evolved into the Google Assistant, but it’s in Google’s best interests to suggest new content to Android users. Not only can it be a good user experience but it is now a way for them to connect application developers with new potential users. Not only that, but the new change also allows developers to promote their apps in YouTube Search as well. Like ads on Google Search, ads for apps displayed in YouTube Search will be based on relevance.

The news doesn’t end with Discover either as the company is also even tapping into Google Display sites and apps in the form of in-stream video ads. These can appear before, during, or after a video is played by the user. So as far as user-facing changes are concerned, that is what we can all look forward to. Developers get the advantage of leveraging these platforms in new ways and with some new tools too. Specifically, the company pointed out three new updates to AdMob which include:

  • App open ad format: Gives developers a natural way to monetize previously untouched inventory as users wait for an app to load
  • Smart segmentation on rewarded ad units: Enables developers to serve ads to users who are unlikely to make in-app purchases, originally launched on interstitial ad units but now coming to rewarded
  • AdMob Insights: Provides alerts to a developer’s dashboard when the system detects abnormal changes to key metrics like eCPM, impression volume, or revenue so they can fix underperforming ad placements or learn from overperforming ones.

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