What do developers think of open source, AI, machine learning, and net neutrality?

What do developers think of open source, AI, machine learning, and net neutrality?

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A few of the big trends in technology these last few years have been AI and machine learning. The software is getting smarter and developers have access to some awesome tools. That doesn’t mean all developers have embraced the trends. Digital Ocean, a U.S.-based cloud infrastructure provider, has released their quarterly report on developer trends. The report covers everything from AI to net neutrality to open source.

AI and machine learning are popular but not widely used. The report found 74% of developers are not using AI or ML tools in their workflow, but 81% want to learn more about them. Google TensorFlow (17%) is the most popular choice among those who are using AI and machine learning. 46% of developers are most excited about advancements in automated machine learning.

Net neutrality has been a big issue in the U.S. this year. 61% of devs worldwide believe the FCC made the wrong decision. The number jumps up to 83% when it’s only U.S. developers. However, over half (54%) of them don’t believe the repeal will affect their work and 37% did not take any action to stop the repeal.

Open source is obviously an important thing here in the Android community, but what do devs as a whole think about it? Developers were asked what they thought was the biggest advantage of open source. 37% felt it increased the sense of community among developers. 30% said it improved code quality. They were then asked about the biggest roadblocks for open source adoption. 50% said vendors prefer to lock users into proprietary systems. 46% cited a lack of professional support.

The full report has a lot of interesting information about developer interests. The survey was made up of nearly 6,000 developers ranging from age 18-65+ (most were in the 25-34 range). 90% of the participants were male and the majority work in the IT and Services field. Check out the full report linked below for more information.

Source: Digital Ocean