Developers can now upload Progressive Web Apps to the Samsung Galaxy Store

Developers can now upload Progressive Web Apps to the Samsung Galaxy Store

Earlier this year in February, Google Chrome for Android received an update that introduced a whole new category of apps on the Google Play Store. The update essentially allowed developers to publish Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) on the Play Store, thanks to Trusted Web Activities which Google announced back in 2017. Now, Samsung is building upon that initiative and introducing progressive web app support to the Samsung Galaxy Store.

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As per a recent Medium post, the Samsung Galaxy Store will now also house Progressive Web Apps, along with its usual offerings. Developers will be able to add their own web app to the store by sharing the URL on [email protected]. The company will then help developers get their apps on the Galaxy Store and guide them with all the necessary licensing agreements. A number of web apps have already been added to the store, but currently, PWA support is only available in the Galaxy Store in the US. As of now, the company hasn’t revealed a release timeline for other regions, but we expect to learn more as and when we get closer to the rollout.


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Once developers publish their PWAs on the Samsung Galaxy Store, users will be able to download them just like any other app. It’s also worth noting that Samsung Galaxy device owners can install PWAs on their device by heading to a supported URL on the Samsung Internet browser. For instance, when you open up Twitter on the company’s stock browser you’ll notice a downward-facing arrow icon in the URL bar. Tapping on the icon will install Twitter’s PWA on your device. If you’re an Android developer and want to submit your PWA to the Samsung Galaxy Store, you should also check out PWA2APK — an easy to use tool that will allow you to convert your PWA into an APK with a single click.

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