Save $100 on the Dexley Mesh Computer Chair and treat your back better in the new year

Save $100 on the Dexley Mesh Computer Chair and treat your back better in the new year

Whenever an XDA colleague sends me a deal, I pay attention. I stare at deals and discounts all day, and in the search for the best item at the best bargain, it can be easy to miss perfectly good deals when the 30th sale on USB cables makes your eyes gloss over. On top of that, I don’t know the quality of every single product in the world, and we can all pool our expertise and experiences together to find the best deals for you. So, as you can guess, today’s deal is the result of some quality deal-hunting teamwork!

Computer chairs aren’t always within the XDA content wheelhouse (though we have covered them in the past!), but when you have a near-perfect chair that a member of the XDA staff personally uses, that’s a different story. The Dexley Mesh Computer Chair is just that! When you’re sitting at a computer all day, you quickly learn if your chair has any flaws. I know my chair is less than perfect! So when the staff member came into Slack highly recommending this chair, I couldn’t share with everyone.


Even just looking at the store page, you can tell the Dexley Mesh Computer Chair is quality. The chair is built ergonomically, so it helps to promote proper posture and back health. Also, the mesh makes it so that the chair is much more breathable. My home office happens to be in a poorly ventilated part of my bedroom, so I now know how vital chair breathability is in the summer.

Then you have lumbar support, a headrest, and over 1,800 positive reviews on Staples. I’d say between all that, the Dexley Mesh Computer Chair is pretty darn good! So good, in fact, that I picked up one to try for myself. At $150, the price is hard to beat!

    Available in Black and Blue, the DexleyComputer Chair comes highly recommended from Staples reviews and even our staff!

Still not convinced? Staples is currently having a sale on all office furniture, so give the sales page a browse and pick the computer chair that’s perfect for you.

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