DigiLux Lets You Use Fingerprint Gestures to Control Brightness (Android 8.0+)

DigiLux Lets You Use Fingerprint Gestures to Control Brightness (Android 8.0+)

There are a few applications out there that let yous remap fingerprint gestures to various tasks and shortcuts. If you have Android 8.0+ though, DigiLux from XDA Member youtube10 will let you use gestures from the fingerprint sensor to adjust the brightness of your display. Along with letting you set fingerprint gestures to control the screen brightness, it also has options for setting gestures to actions in case you’re used to them from other apps. Most of the application is free but it has a couple of premium features including a way to pick the slider colors based on your wallpaper, and an option to add a dimmer so you can lower the brightness even further.

DigiLux Feature List

Free Features:

  • Fingerprint gestures to control elements relating to your screens brightness.
  • The ability to map gestures to actions, keep the gestures you already use and love!
  • Customize how much each swipe increases or reduces the brightness.
  • Position the slider closer to the top or bottom of your screen.
  • Change the color of the slider and it’s background.
  • Love adaptive brightness? Restore it when next you wake your phone after adjusting the brightness.
  • Choose whether you want the slider to show up or not.

Premium features:

  • Pick your slider colors based on your wallpaper! Please note live wallpapers are not supported.
  • Add a dimmer for when you want your brightness to go down just that much more.

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