Digital Wellbeing update adds a 30-minute pause button to Wind Down

Digital Wellbeing update adds a 30-minute pause button to Wind Down

Digital Wellbeing on Android keeps track of your smartphone usage and aims to help users curtail excessive smartphone usage. As more updates to the application arrived, so did more features such as Wind Down mode. Wind Down mode can be set to a schedule, and currently, it applies a grayscale screen filter and turns on do not disturb mode. A new feature of Wind Down in Digital Wellbeing will allow you to pause it for 30 minutes.

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A 30-minute pause button for Digital Wellbeing’s Wind Down mode makes sense, as previously you could only switch it off and hope that you remembered to turn it on later. Having a fixed time for when it starts might not work every day… for example, what if you’re going to be home later than usual? There are a few reasons why you may want to temporarily (but not completely) disable Wind Down. If you need more time than half an hour, you can start another 30-minute timer once that one finishes. Don’t quite need the full 30 minutes? You can just re-enable it when you’re ready to go to bed.


The feature is available as part of the latest Digital Wellbeing beta update on the Google Play Store, though the feature isn’t available for everyone on the latest version. As is typical with Google feature updates, this one currently needs to be enabled by a server-side switch on Google’s end. Given that it’s already started to roll out for some users, though, you can download the latest beta Digital Wellbeing APK from here to see if it’s enabled for you. It’ll probably gradually become available for more users in the next few days and weeks.

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