Digital Wellbeing adds integration with Family Link’s parental controls

Digital Wellbeing adds integration with Family Link’s parental controls

Google’s Digital Wellbeing and Family Link features tick a lot of the same boxes when it comes to what features the services offer. I’ve always thought that Family Link would eventually be rolled into Digital Wellbeing and the latest update shows Google is working to at least integrate them together. The new change is rolling out via an update from the Play Store that brings the application up to version 1.0.257813777. With the update in hand, you’ll be able to set up Google’s Family Link features more easily within the Digital Wellbeing section of the Settings app.

Since they were both announced, Google has worked to increase the functionality of both its Family Link service and the newer (and more personal) Digital Wellbeing service. Information overload from being connected online at an increasing rate has given Google even more of a reason to expand its features. Since these two services function quite similarly in a number of ways, it makes sense to combine them together in the same section of the Settings application.


As we can see from the screenshots, this is what your list of options in the Settings app will look like with the app being updated to version 1.0.257813777. Instead of just seeing a Digital Wellbeing option, we now have a Digital Wellbeing and Parent Controls menu. From here you have your typical Digital Wellbeing set up, but if you scroll down a bit then you’ll see the new Parent Controls option that has been integrated right in. From here, you can go in and add content restrictions, monitor stats such as application (and overall device) usage, and more.

Naturally, all of this data will be accessible and controllable on parental devices of the Family Link service. Google is simply making it easier for parents who want to set up these content restrictions for their children.

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