Digital Wellbeing v1.0.3 renames Wind Down to Bedtime Mode and adds a new charging trigger

Digital Wellbeing v1.0.3 renames Wind Down to Bedtime Mode and adds a new charging trigger

A new Digital Wellbeing beta, version 1.0.306697358.beta, is rolling out on the Google Play Store and it brings along some useful additions to the app including a name change and UI overhaul to the Wind Down mode, a new charging trigger and more.

The most notable change this new beta introduces is the renaming of the Wind Down mode to the Bedtime mode — which in our opinion more aptly describes the function this mode serves. Accompanying the name change, the UI of the former Wind Down (now Bedtime mode) has been revamped while the iconography has also been updated everywhere including the Quick Setting tile and Focus Mode.


We first learned about this new UI and quick setting tile through an APK teardown of Digital Wellbeing, version 1.0.302017577.beta, that we published earlier this month. With this new update, both of these changes are fully implemented and functional for users.

Besides, the update adds a new way to trigger Wind Down/Bedtime Mode: while charging at night. With this enabled, Bedtime Mode will only turn on past a certain time and when the phone is plugged in. The additional requirement will be useful for users who may want the mode to be triggered once they have reached home, and not before.

Finally, when you pause Bedtime Mode and then tap on the notification, a pretty new fullscreen activity is shown to the user. Here, the user can tap “add 30 minutes” as many times as they want to keep pushing back when Bedtime Mode starts.

Digital wellbeing bedtime mode

Digital Wellbeing 1.0.306697358.beta is now live on the Google Play Store and you can grab the update by clicking on the link below. It’s worth noting that this update is only available in the beta channel and thus, will not show up if you haven’t joined the beta program.

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