Digital Wellbeing can now enable Wind Down on specific days of the week

Digital Wellbeing can now enable Wind Down on specific days of the week

Google has been working quite actively on Digital Wellbeing as of late. The new service from Mountain View’s tech giant had a bit of bad press as it was blamed for the performance issues of some smartphones. Google is working on improving the performance of the Pixel 3 series but we’re told Digital Wellbeing isn’t to blame there. One of the latest new changes to be pushed out by Google adds some extended functionality to its Wind Down feature. Users are now able to turn this feature on during specific days of the week.

As I said, Google has been working on Digital Wellbeing frequently as of late. Beyond it being included in those performance issue headlines, Google had begun to add Digital Wellbeing-like features to third-party launchers in Android Q. A couple of weeks later the Pixel Launcher began testing the integration of the company’s Digital Wellbeing service so that you could pause an application or game directly from the home screen. Fans of the service’s Wind Down feature can now enjoy scheduling which day of the week the feature is active.

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Credit: Android Police

Previously, you could set a single timer for the Wind Down feature and you could turn it on or off with a toggle. Now, those of you who are running the latest beta of the application will see something similar to the screenshot above. There’s still a single toggle that you can use to turn the feature on or off. And there’s still just one single timer that you can set for the feature. However, you are now able to very easily turn the Wind Down feature on or off for a particular day of the week by tapping on the corresponding blue dot.

Personally, I would like to see Google continue expanding upon this feature by letting you set individual timers for specific days of the week.

Via: Android Police

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