Digolux is an Exciting, Arcade-Revamped Variant of 2048

Digolux is an Exciting, Arcade-Revamped Variant of 2048

As the year 2014 is slowly coming to an end, we can honestly say that it was quite a good year for mobile gaming. After Flappy Bird and its clones flapped their wings for the last time, the Android world started to play the number puzzle game 2048, an extremely addictive game written by 19-year-old Italian web developer Gabriele Cirulli. This game was then introduced to Android and quickly became a hit.

You might be under the impression that a game with such a simple concept as 2048 can’t be improved or changed. While the concept remains the same, the game itself can become a bit more exciting with arcade mode. XDA Forum Member farstukvist created an interesting spin off of 2048. Just like the original, the player must move blocks to assemble the biggest number possible. But in addition to simply using your brain, this game now allows you to use rechargeable blasts to destroy particular blocks. You can also get rid of some blocks by moving them to the destruction area. The revamped game is full of explosion effects, which make it more beautiful than the original 2048, but just as addictive.

Digolux is a perfect time killer for boring lectures or any situation where you have a lot of time to kill. Like every 2048 spinoff, Digolux can be very difficult if you don’t have a good strategy for victory. It’s arcade time! Head over to the Digolux game thread to get the latest version and start wasting your hours by getting addicted to this game.

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