Dirty Unicorns is back on XDA with ROMs for several Google Pixel phones

Dirty Unicorns is back on XDA with ROMs for several Google Pixel phones

In recent years, Dirty Unicorns has been one of the most feature-packed, stable, and popular custom ROMs available for various Pixel phones, but for a long time, it couldn’t be found on the XDA forums. That changed with an announcement on the Dirty Unicorns Twitter account on Monday, August 3rd and you can now enjoy a traditional Dirty Unicorns forum thread for each supported device.

The forum threads for each supported device are as follows:


In the near future, the Pixel 4a will enjoy official support as well, as the team also tweeted:

Additionally, unofficial builds can be found for the following devices:

For the uninitiated, Dirty Unicorns began nearly a decade ago as an offshoot of the then-popular Ice Cream Sandwich ROM named AOKP. Dirty Unicorns really began to establish its own “personality” during the Jelly Bean era and has become one of the longest-lasting custom ROMs of all time. Though real-life matters have left me running stock on my daily-use devices for at least the past year, I had been a longtime user of Dirty Unicorns before that and even covered major developments in the ROM over time.

Currently, some of the outstanding features in Dirty Unicorns include popular Pixel-specific features unavailable in AOSP such as Motion Sense and Active Edge, and Pulse still brings a graphic equalizer to the bottom of your screen along with a more robust take on system theming than the one that comes standard to Pixel phones. The Dirty Unicorns theming engine basically mimics Google’s approach while adding more options. For example, more accent colors and fonts are available in Dirty Unicorns beyond the ones in the stock Pixel ROM. Also, there are more navigation “pill” options and more icon shapes available. Also, there are four available system themes: light, dark gray (“Google” gray), pitch black, and “solarized dark”. Some of the theming features are highlighted in the following screenshots:

As for their Android 11 plans, I’ve been told by one of their leading developers that the ROM’s most popular features should make the jump some reasonable time after the Android 11/R code is released by Google to AOSP. Of course, it takes time to port these features since Google often moves features around in their code with each major release so don’t expect Dirty Unicorns 15.0 to come out right after the next AOSP push. Such is the case, of course, with every feature-laden custom ROM that adds anything significant to the standard Android source code.

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