Dirty Unicorns Oreo Release Candidate Builds With New Dirty Tweaks Eye Candy are Now Available

Dirty Unicorns Oreo Release Candidate Builds With New Dirty Tweaks Eye Candy are Now Available

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Dirty Unicorns, one of the most popular custom ROMs around, has made the jump to Android Oreo 8.1 with the debut of Release Candidate (RC) 12. Known for such features as Fling, Pulse, and SmartBar, RC DU 12 comes with a new Pixel Blue-themed Dirty Tweaks app. The Dirty Unicorns team has devoted much more eye candy to its custom settings app than the typical custom ROM.

I have provided screenshots of the available options in the gallery below.

Here are some of the specific settings available in each category:

Although the Dirty Unicorns team no longer officially supports Substratum, you can still apply Substratum themes because Google merged the Overlay Management Service theme engine into Oreo. With that in mind, some Substratum themers have taken it upon themselves to customize the Dirty Tweaks app. Take DeadMan xXD’s Valerie theme, for example, which I’ve applied to show what a custom-themed Dirty Tweaks looks like:

In my time with the Oreo-based RC DU 12 build for the OnePlus 5T, the only bugs I’ve encountered so far are ones I’ve experienced on other Android 8.x-based ROMs. Performance is what I’d expect for a Snapdragon 835 device with a FHD+ (2160×1080 display), which is to say extremely fast with no significant lag. I’d recommend using the Google Camera port for picture-taking or Open Camera from the Play Store. If you own a OnePlus device, you’ll be happy to hear that most already have RC builds available, and that links to builds for more devices are being added daily to the Release Candidate announcement post on Google+.

A note about RC DU builds: They have been rigorously tested by the Dirty Unicorns team on their own personal devices, but there’s no substitute for public testing by early adopters prior to the stable release. If you’re interested in giving the RC DU builds a go, I encourage you to read the bug-reporting requirements the Dirty Unicorns team posted in Google+ and submit bug reports in the comments section that corresponds with your device. Once the testing phase ends and each supported device gets a stable build, the Dirty Unicorns JIRA system will accommodate bug reports from that point on. One more note: flashing a Release Candidate build is done entirely at the risk of the user. Neither the Dirty Unicorns team, XDA, nor myself are liable for any resulting problems with any devices used, or if any affected devices text incoming missile warnings to all residents of their respective States.

Source: Dirty Unicorns on Google+