How to disable keyboard suggestions on Android 11

How to disable keyboard suggestions on Android 11

Android 11 includes a host of new features, both for the end-user and developers. On top of that, Google also included several improvements for features that were released with previous versions. We talked about one such feature, called Smart Keyboard Suggestions, earlier this year, which streamlined the platform’s autofill experience.

The feature essentially integrates inline autofill suggestions in keyboard apps and password managers to make filling forms, multi-factor authentication, smart replies, and search queries more seamless. While the feature is undoubtedly a useful addition, it may raise some privacy concerns among users. Thankfully, Android 11 includes a setting that lets you disable the feature on your device.


If you are concerned about privacy and want to disable smart keyboard suggestions, you can do so by following these simple steps:

  • Head over to the Settings menu on your phone
  • Tap on Privacy
  • Select Device Personalization Services
    Android 11 Device Personalization settings
  • Tap on the Keyboard option
    Android 11 Disable keyboard suggestions
  • Turn off the Keyboard Suggestions toggle.

Once the Keyboard Suggestions option is disabled, you will stop seeing inline autofill suggestions at the top of your keyboard app. Do note that disabling Keyboard Suggestions will switch your system back to the old autofill suggestion style, which will show autofill suggestions in a drop-down menu.

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