“Disable YouTube for guests” on Google Home rolling out for some iOS users

“Disable YouTube for guests” on Google Home rolling out for some iOS users

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To the surprise of no one, Google Home devices have tight integration with Google services. That includes everything from Google Calendar to Google Play Music. The YouTube family of services, of course, is also included in the bunch. You can use Google Home to send videos to a Chromecast device, tune in to a specific channel on YouTube TV, and play music with YouTube Music. It looks like Google is rolling out some restrictions on who can control these services.

Reddit user Jontu_Kontar posted the screenshot above in the Google Home subreddit. There is a new toggle for “Disable YouTube for guests.” The description explains how this toggle will disable the YouTube services for unrecognized voices. Google Home requires recognized voices for certain things, but there are plenty of commands that don’t. For example, anyone can ask about the weather, but not everyone can add items to my grocery list.

Currently, anyone can command Google Home to control YouTube, YouTube TV, or YouTube Music. This toggle makes it so only recognized people can access the services. You could use this if you don’t want other people in your house to mess up your YouTube recommendations, or you don’t want kids to be able to turn on YouTube TV. Right now, this feature appears to be only available on a small number of devices, maybe even iOS-only. A few of us here at XDA were not able to find the toggle on our Android devices.

Do you see this new toggle in your Google Home app? Is this something that would be handy for you?

Source: Reddit