Discord 9.8.2 adds a hidden AMOLED dark theme on Android

Discord 9.8.2 adds a hidden AMOLED dark theme on Android

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If you play PC games, you may remember using applications like TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, or Mumble to communicate with your friends. Nowadays, though, most PC gamers have shifted to Discord. Discord started out as a chat service for gamers, but it has significantly grown in popularity among regular users as well. We even have a Discord server for XDA members to chat about Android and smartphones.

Due to Discord’s popularity as a general chat service, the mobile apps for Android and iOS are also quite popular. The Android app has had a dark theme for quite some time, but for those of you looking for an even darker theme, you’ll be happy to know that version 9.8.2 and above has finally included an AMOLED dark theme. Don’t expect this new AMOLED dark theme to save much battery life, though this new dark theme may make Discord more comfortable to use for some users. While it’s disappointing the new AMOLED dark theme doesn’t react to Android 10’s dark mode toggle, it is good to see that this new theme isn’t limited to Android 10.

If you have version 9.8.2 or later, you’ll no longer have to edit shared preference files or install a modified version of Discord to unlock the AMOLED dark theme. Simply go to Settings then Appearance and tap on the “Dark” option 10 times. You should see a toast notification that says, “Brave one, the path to darkness opens!” Then, underneath the “Light” and “Dark” appearance settings, a new “AMOLED optimized mode (experimental)” option will appear. Enable this setting and then restart the app to change the background color of the settings screens, DMs, channels, and sidebar to black. Not every part of the app is themed AMOLED dark, but most of the important parts are.

The latest beta versions aren’t available on the Google Play Store yet, but you can download version 9.8.3 from APKMirror. If you have one of the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones, then don’t forget you can also enable Discord’s voice chat overlay.

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