Discord for Android 9.9.3 adds temporary muting, slash commands, and mark as unread

Discord for Android 9.9.3 adds temporary muting, slash commands, and mark as unread

Discord is a popular IM client for online gaming communities. The service and its app allows users to create different servers for a dedicated umbrella topic, and then create different channels within the server for further topic bifurcation and keeping conversations organized according to their themes. Users can then talk to each other within these channels, and you can keep track of the expected conversation topics within the channel. Discord has been growing in popularity recently, adding in features like displaying game activity to friends, recommending new servers to join through the Discover feature, and packing in a hidden AMOLED dark theme. Now, the official Discord app on Android is adding in more new features, such as temporary muting, slash commands, and marking messages as unread.


Discord v9.9.3 is rolling out to users through the Google Play Store, with the changelog as pictured above. The stable update is a culmination of features introduced in the previous betas, bringing along some fixes in the form of contrast adjustments for the light theme, as well as some fixes for notifications. The highlight of the stable update, however, is the ability to temporarily mute certain conversations. This way, you can concentrate on more important topics if a particular conversation gets too chatty, and not have to remember to unmute it. A lot of users widely make use of temporary mute on other IMs, so Discord getting the feature should help you when your clan gets too annoying in the middle of a game.

Next, Discord for Android is also getting support for slash commands. Slash commands, starting with /, are commonly used to interact with bots. Some of the more widely used slash commands are /giphy and /tenor to search for GIFs, /tts to read the message to all users currently viewing the channel, /spoiler to mark messages as a spoiler, and /tableflip, /unflip, and /shrug to really get your point across. Or not, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The third new feature for the app is relatively minor, as it allows one to mark individual messages as unread. This can come in handy when you want to revisit certain conversations.

Discord v9.9.3 is rolling out to users through the Google Play Store. You can also sideload the beta version of the 9.9.3 update through APKMirror; the stable version should be arriving soon too.

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