Discord for Android rolls out noise suppression powered by Krisp for some users

Discord for Android rolls out noise suppression powered by Krisp for some users

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Since its debut back in 2015, Discord has evolved quite a bit and it’s now one of the most popular instant messengers for gamers and professionals alike. One of the main reasons behind Discord’s popularity is the sheer number of features it offers, both for text-based communication and VoIP calls. To provide users the best calling experience on the platform, Discord introduced a new noise suppression feature powered by Krisp for the desktop client earlier this year in April. The feature makes use of machine learning to remove background noise and, after using it for the last few weeks, I can attest that it’s actually quite fantastic. Which is why I’m excited to try it out on my phone, now that it’s rolling out to some users on the Discord app for Android.

The noise suppression feature is already available for some users on Discord for Android version 24-alpha 1. XDA Senior Member Some_Random_Username has the feature in his app and has shared the following screenshots. As you can see, the noise suppression feature appears as a new icon in the top right corner of the app when you’re in a channel. You can tap on the icon to enable noise suppression, which will instantly drown out any background noise. Alternatively, you can toggle noise suppression for all calls from within the app’s settings and you can also enable it from within the three-dot menu on any channel.

Our Editor-in-Chief, Mishaal Rahman, downloaded the latest Discord release on his Pixel 4 but he didn’t find the option to enable Krisp noise suppression. I also installed the APK on my Realme 6 Pro and got the same result. This leads us to believe that Discord is currently testing the feature with only a handful of users and it may roll out to more users in the following weeks. In case you think you might be one of the lucky few to receive the feature, you can try installing the Discord 24-alpha 1 APK on your phone by following the link below.

Download Discord 24-alpha 1 APK from APK Mirror