Discord is rolling out screen sharing on mobile devices

Discord is rolling out screen sharing on mobile devices

Update 1 (12/16/2020 @ 07:58 PM ET): Discord is rolling out screen sharing to all users on mobile devices this week. Click here for more information. The article as published on November 10, 2020, is preserved below.

In September this year, we learned that Discord was planning to bring its screen sharing feature to Android users. At the time, we had spotted new strings highlighting the feature in a Canary release of Discord’s desktop client. The strings revealed that the feature would allow users to share their Android device’s screen with friends. However, the feature was in an early stage of development back then, and we had no information regarding its UI or release timeline. Now, the feature is starting to be tested in Discord for Android version 48.2 or higher, and here’s what it looks like.


As you can see in the attached video (h/t XDA Senior Member Some_Random_Username), the screen sharing feature appears as a new icon in the bottom toolbar on Discord’s voice calling interface. Tapping on the icon brings up a pop-up that states: “Mobile Screen Share is here! Watch videos, stream gameplay, or browse other apps together by sharing your screen with your friends.” To start screen sharing, you can then tap on the “Try it out!” button in the pop-up, which brings up a confirmation pop-up dialog.

The confirmation dialog serves as an alert and lets you know that you may accidentally expose sensitive information while sharing your device’s screen. This is a great addition as it clearly lays down the risks and, in effect, ensures that you’re careful while using the feature. You can then start sharing your screen by tapping on the “Start Now” button in the confirmation dialog.

The screen sharing UI includes a big “Stop sharing” button right in the center and a swipe up menu at the bottom with some additional options. These include a button to switch between video and voice calls, another button to stop screen sharing, one to mute/unmute the microphone, and a fourth button to end the call. You can also find the option to change the audio output for screen sharing underneath these four buttons.

Once you start sharing your screen, you’ll be able to switch to a different app and let your friends see what’s on your screen. This makes the feature a great addition for both troubleshooting scenarios and streaming a game on the platform.

Although Discord still hasn’t revealed a release timeline, the feature is now in testing for users of the Discord Testers server running version 48.2 or higher of the Android app. It hopefully shouldn’t be long before the feature makes its way to the beta and then stable release.

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Update 1: General Availability

According to The Verge, Discord is rolling out screen sharing in the mobile app this week. 20 percent of users will see the feature by today, while the remaining 80 percent of users will have the feature enabled by tomorrow. That’s an incredibly rapid release schedule, but the feature has been in testing with mobile users for over a month now.

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