Discord will be integrated into your PS5 next year

Discord will be integrated into your PS5 next year

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced a new partnership with Discord that will bring the communication service’s features to PlayStation Network. The integration is expected to be available early next year. The news comes after Microsoft reportedly failed to make a deal to acquire Discord.

In a blog post on Monday, Jim Ryan, President & CEO of SIE, said the teams are already hard at work connecting Discord with PSN.

“Our goal is to bring the Discord and PlayStation experiences closer together on console and mobile starting early next year, allowing friends, groups, and communities to hang out, have fun, and communicate more easily while playing games together,” Ryan said.


To make the integration happen, Ryan said SIE made a minority investment as part of Discord’s Series H round.

Since Discord’s launch in 2015, the service has become a popular place for communities to discuss their shared love of games, movies, technology, and everything in between. It has grown into the preferred way for people on PC to voice chat when playing games, and a place for creators to start channels for their fans. Recently, Discord launched its own Clubhouse-like featured called Stage Channels.

While Discord’s features are expected to be integrated into the PlayStation experience, the details around that are unclear. Will there be a dedicated PlayStation app? That’s something I’m sure a lot of PlayStation fans will appreciate.

While PlayStation already has a built-in voice chat feature, there’s no easy way to talk with people on PC unless you use a game’s in-game chat, which isn’t already reliable. Adding Discord to PlayStation could address that while adding the service’s many social features to PSN. Discord is currently available on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, iPadOS, Linux, and in web browsers.

Discord currently has about 140 million active users as of December 2020, while there are millions of PlayStation users around the globe. With an integrated experience not expected to launch until early next year, there’s still plenty of time to iron out the details. Hopefully, we’ll learn exactly how this will work long before then.

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